Sleep Disorders are Diagnosable and Treatable



Our renowned Medical Specialists offer comprehensive treatment of Sleep Disorders and Diseases. We address all medical needs related to sleep for our patients, whether they are children, adolescents or adults.

Medical Activities

The Sleep Clinic in Panama is equipped with comfortable facilities and the best medical team specialized in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

Program that helps patients identify and change their thoughts and behavior patterns that contribute to insomnia. This is achieved through sleep education, behavioral strategies, relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. Conductive Behavioral Therapy, Techniques for Relaxation and Stimulus Control

Conductive-Behavioral Therapy Relaxation Techniques and Stimulus Control

Sleep Studies


Sleep Studies (Diagnostics, CPAP) that measure multiple physiological parameters in patients with sleep apnea. Requires CPAP or BiPAP.

Home Cardiorespiratory Sleep Studies:

Levels 2 and 3 in snoring patients.

Video-EEG polysomnography:

EEG combined with polysomnography, useful in patients with epilepsy or sleep-related problems that are difficult to diagnose.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test:

Used to confirm and quantify daytime sleepiness in some patients. We measure how quickly the patient falls asleep and the onset of REM sleep during these naps.

Actimetry Assessment of Sleep:

Small sensors will record the level of activity at night and during the day, useful in patients with Circadian Rhythm Disorders.


Electroencephalography and Ambulatory Electroencephalography. Up to 72 consecutive hours while the patient performs daily activities.

Patient Testimonials

Know the experience of our patients

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It was hard to work all day feeling sleepy. The Sleep Clinic has changed my life. After the sleep study, the clinic provided us with a device which helped us wake up feeling fresh every morning.

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I've always been a night person. I did not pay much attention to sleep and did not sleep at night ... But just as you need to drink water to live, you also need sleep, your body will ask for it.

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I could not function well during the day. That's when I decided to go to the Sleep Clinic. Sleeping well has given me the opportunity to get up early and finding peace of mind.

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Snoring, hitting, kicking ... Living like this is not real life. After visiting the clinic I began to notice that it was not normal. Now I feel much happier and I enjoy a better quality of life.